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Path to Abyss is a turn-based roguelike RPG made with RPG Maker MV that has the players explore the seemingly endless dungeon, meet new people, and try their best to survive as long as they can by retaining their sanity and making sure their health doesn't drop too low.


Path to Abyss is a roguelike mixture of turn-based battle, dungeon exploration,  and casual resource management. You can even try a myriad of combination of skills with the Path system. The full game will have even more upcoming contents in the future such as:

  • The main quest featuring the story and lots of side quests with unique rewards
  • Multiple interaction options with NPCs and certain objects
  • More NPC functionalities with interesting dialogues
  • More paths and skills to learn and combo
  • Different kinds of potion flasks to unlock and use
  • More varieties of monsters and bosses
  • More unique areas
  • A more complete gameplay mechanic
  • Original Sound Track
  • The Chinese version will be available


Special thanks to Yanfly, DoubleX, MogHunter, SumRndmDde, Galv for their plugins.

Graphics by SinC & AirlemiLinth(Peng Yige)

Fonts by Pix3M.

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Path To Abyss Demo en.v0.1a.rar 78 MB
Path To Abyss Demo chs.v0.1a.rar 90 MB
Path To Abyss Demo.rar 78 MB

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the game is awesome and the graphics are really well made

i wanted even more floors in the demo lol (just played with one class tho)

the game is simple and intuitive, the accessories and sanity mechanics are awesome, the combat mechanics are great and the "Lux" "coin" is nice

the things i didn't like is that you can only choose one door per floor, and, the level up and the skill acquirement mechanic

it's not a bad system but idk, i just didn't like it

if you release a full game like this i would download it without a doubt

great game, 11/10, would play again


And would you create a discord for the community?

i would be willing to join one


and i also suggest you modify the starting volume of the game

the music was so loud that it looked like CS:GO's first launch sound volume

and (100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 0)% is a bad configuration when trying to achieve a decent volume for your ears without taking all the sound out

(1 edit)

We're happy that you like our demo! And we are aware that more improvements can be made so we're grateful for your feedback as well. As for the Discord request, we will create one and the link to the server will be available in our next update soon. Thank you! :)

i'm waiting impaciently to do more testing if the demo/game updates and i can even help with translating it into brazilian portuguese *if needed (very improbable)

the boss fight is an awesome fight but i think you guys could make us able to look at a big sprite instead of his lower parts (lol)

and did how much time did you guys use to build the demo?

Thanks for your offer of localization. We'll let you know if there's a need for that when the full game is ready.

We spent 6 months working on this part-time. We hope that we'll be able to work on this project full-time once we garner enough funding from indiegogo

I like the art style :)

Thank you!